Tim and Olivier
work at Wanamaker

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The Wanamaker Organ Symposium 2000

July 10th - 17th

Olivier GLANDAZ and Timothy Patterson were invited to participate in the WOS 2000.

The goal is to make ready the organ for the AGO national convention in 2002. Organ builders from the US and Europe gathered together for one week to restore parts of the organ.

The main tasks at hand were to recover the Swell division primary's, add springs and longer screws to the String division chest bottoms, regulate the 32' Pedal Bombarde, replace old wiring, and tune.

The days were long and the work hot. But everything went very smoothly.

There were many pictures to present as their numbers and size are limited by our host server. The story will be told with each picture as they happened.

Enjoy, Tim and Olivier.

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The entire WOS crew.

Tim and Olivier at six manual console.

Inside the console. The pneumatics operate on vacuum.

Olivier doing a console pose.

Olivier and Tom Hazelton.

Look at the scale of those trebles.

Just when Olivier thought he knew scaling.

Big is better ?
Big is Big !!!

Olivier under String div. 16' Vox. Tim looking at Six Vox ranks.

32' Great Diapason

Looking down 32' Grt Diap.

Olivier in front of 32' Pedal Bombare.

32' String div. Violone and Diaphone.

Looking down 32' Diaphone.

32' Diaphone beater.

Low pressure Swell div.

High pressure Swell div.

One of many chests in the String div. The div. had 88 ranks. The largest div. in the world.

How about a couple
of 50th birthdays.
Happy birthday Curt and Jim.

It tasted as good as it looked.

Here's Wally. What a fabulas guy. He would help anyone, anytime.

Curt Mangel next to
Founder's Bell.

Charles Kegg in Founder's Bell.

View of City Hall from bell.

Our job was to take out the old String div. chest bottom board screws and replace them with longer screws, compression springs and washers. We did about 1800 of these in four days.

On the final day we worked in the shop preparing expression shade pneumatics.

Wanamaker Grand Court.

There are five blowers in the organ. They total 195 horsepower. That's Mike Rider standing next to blower.

Top view of two blowers.

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