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Since 1996 I have recorded some organ improvisations on CD. Now I have to publish all these CDs and trying to share this passion with you. This is only my own pleasure and without any pretention. For me, there is a multitude of different timbres and sounds and I love to play with the acoustic, with the room, with the silent, with the light of each stop,t to put together in such a way as to create an ambiance, colour, complexity – indeed a veritable orchestra. I love to play in a good acoutic.

Recently I recorded a very interesting duet with Jeanne LORIOD (Messiaen’s sister-in-law) playing the Ondes Martenot. The duet with these two instruments is unbelievably beautiful and we recorded it at Angouleme Cathedral. The instrument is exceptional, rebuilt by Beuchet-Debierre in 1955.